Born in Biella on 14 February 1984, I studied computer science and then theoretical philosophy. I started my self-taught artistic research in 2008, driven by the need to give an expressive form to the philosophical thought matured in university studies. I initially worked on drawing and painting, then I started experimenting on abstract sculpture and in the last few years I have dedicated myself to installation and video, finding in these last two expressive means a good research stability. In 2013 he began a collaboration with Danilo Jon Scotta, an Italian-Scottish journalist and writer who works with the French magazine D’ARS. Danilo’s critical work on my research marked a decisive turning point in my artistic production and allowed me to understand the structures of my work with greater depth.


In 2013 I exhibited my first dimension-environment installment work, specifically created for the space granted to me by the management of Paratissima, an annual event held in Turin. Subsequently, two more of my works were exhibited during a group exhibition organized in the Rosso Cinabro exhibition space in Rome. In the last year an important collaboration was born with an Italian artist who presented some of my works in the digital project, realized with the desire to expand the artistic conscience on the digital plane and aimed at presenting a cultural movement based on the idea of a quantum-vibrational artistic communication that spreads the expressiveness on the level of consciousness.



2017 –  In/stabilità, exhibition project curated by Gaia Disaró and Tommaso Pagani, Paratissima 13, ex caserma La Marmora, Torino

2014 – In contemporanea, RossoCinabro Gallery, Roma

2014 – A.R.T.S. MIXART, exhibition project curated by Isabella Orlando (note di colore association), Palazzo Paleologo, Trino (VC)

2013 – PIX Paratissima 9, Borgo Filadelfia/MOI, Torino

2010 – Symbolica, collective of contemporary art, Castello Estense, Ferrara




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Giuseppe Solinas



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