OASI – concrete blocks, umbrella
In the existential desert, the constant search for a happy oasis where one can stop, is constant in the history of the human being. For this reason we have built all kinds of cognitive stratagems, and we are self-convinced that we understand what to do to free ourselves of the cosmic weight that permeates life. But all these structures have done nothing but shadow on the points of contact with being, in its most ontological sense. We see only a part of truth, the rest we continue to obscure it with anthropocentric ploys of self-complacency. We have our happy oases now, we are all enraptured by our genius, we are all happy now.

PAPPA REALE – concrete blocks, forks (that are only support)
PAPPA REALE is our prasada, what we would like to eat every day. It is what sustains the hardest and most heavy existence of all: the consciousness that is under reality.