The installation consists of five packages of 10 used clothes hangers that I bought in a market at the price of 0.99 cents per piece, left with their original packaging, the original envelope that they gave me to transport my purchases and a canvas white of bad quality.
The work explores a dimension of absolute decadence, inflicted by the concept of commodification-trash that our reality is proposing as a vehicle for economic profit. Probably, the objects of the proposed work have been used hundreds of times to expose cheap clothes to be sold in stock and after their use they have been put on sale as a commercial product at the price of 0.99 cents per piece. This situation exposes the concept of consumption to its maximum splendor and for this reason I felt the need to further increase its meaning, bringing the consumerist drama into a dimension of absolute artistic reflection. The white canvas used is arranged in such a way as to welcome in the artistic dimension the cultural profit that will fall due to the excessive weight of the value we give to the goods.

ETERNO – tire, white marble cubes
This work explores a purely conceptual dimension. Scientific evolution, especially the breakthrough of quantum physics, seems to no longer be so impervious to the possibilities of a bio-physical interaction between empirical phenomena. It seems that phenomenal reality approaches a hologram. Matter interacts in its infinitesimal form, permeating itself in unknown spatio-temporal dimensions. This work aims to highlight the close connection between the elements, their Entanglement. It wants to push the observer to see beyond the empirical phenomenon, to witness that the state of things is mainly described by the way of seeing them.