I started painting without a specific reason. I was mainly interested in drawing and working on the relationship between thought and representation, trying to solve the problems of formal architecture on the canvas. Then I began to feel the need to go further: the readings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and the passion for Zen cultures pushed me to look for a more totalizing expression in connection with the existential experience. Hence, I started working on this subject with an expressive idea of ​​sculptural type. I created borders on flat surfaces on which I laid out pigmented lime surfaces as if it were a direct transference of my deepest feelings, trying to control their intensity, a sort of awareness of the self in the artistic act. After this period of pure meditation I began to try to understand what to really do, and a phase of conscious experimentation ensued, sustained by the need to find a means that could convey my creativity and share it with other humans more concretely. Hence I began to look for a broader means of expression, which I found in installations and their visceral relationship with the space, and in videos, approached in a performative way and experienced in the first person.

My work is the product of a philosophical reflection upon human beings and their controversial approach to their own existence. I make use of whatever medium I see suitable to give substance to my ideas, without setting limits to myself; for this reason, my experiments with different materials or techniques begin and end without any rational continuity. I am interested in conveying a message of pure and unadulterated reflection, distancing myself from sterile provocations and loud denunciations, as I concentrate my efforts on instilling awareness of different aspects of present reality, which I see as a conglomerate of tensions and contradictions between the human ego and its existential evolution.

Much of my research springs from my interest in the quantum discoveries on ENTANGLEMENT and the transmission of data at the vibrational frequency level. When I work I always try to convey the totality of existence I am experiencing, hoping to imprint my essence in the vibration of what I do.


I’m trying to carry out a project to propose my videos in a digital dynamic, which allows users to interact with my expressiveness in the most intimate way possible. The project is called Hertz but is still under development. I am looking for a professional support able to help me in the development of a performance that proposes the works in a context of tension between real and digital.