My work is the product of a philosophical reflection upon human beings and their controversial approach to their own existence. I make use of whatever medium I see suitable to give substance to my ideas, without setting limits to myself; for this reason, my experiments with different materials or techniques begin and end without any rational continuity.I am interested in conveying a message of pure and unadulterated reflection, distancing myself from sterile provocations and loud denunciations, as I concentrate my efforts on instilling awareness of different aspects of present reality, which I see as a conglomerate of tensions and contradictions between the human ego and its existential evolution. For this reason, I choose to explore more tranquil and discreet forms of expressions, interpreting creativity as an act of intimate contemplation.

Lately, I have been pursuing an expressive synthesis of the synergic relationship between different materials, concentrating especially on assembly techniques and support structures, and seeking to establish a spontaneous dialogue between the constituent parts of my compositions. In a way, I am trying to explore the very noumenon of artistic language by establishing expressive interconnections which could unravel freely in space.
In my latest works, my quest has evolved into heterogenous compositions where different materials are combined with photography, a medium which I found particularly interesting in its powerful relation to present-day reality.